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About me

I live in Montreal, Canada. I work as a graphic designer and 2D colour artist in the field of animation. I am also a painter and illustrator.

Education and Work

I studied at Concordia University, receiving a B.F.A. in Cinema Animation, and at McGill University, a diploma in Art Education. I've worked at the National Film Board of Canada, in an animation studio in London, England, and in a number of animation studios in Montreal. I've also taught general art and drawing to high school students and to young adults.

You can view my work portfolio:   PORTFOLIO  
2018. Solo show. La Galerie Luz (Belgo building).
2017. Group show. La Galerie Luz (Belgo building).
2016. 'Improbable Stories'. La Galerie Luz (Belgo building).
2014. 'Congruence'. La Galerie Luz (Belgo building).

2013. 'Lines and Spaces'. La Galerie Luz (Belgo building).

2012. 'Black lines and other uncertainties'. La Galerie Luz (Belgo building).

2011. 'Amalgame'. Group show. Galerie 12 (Moncton, NB).

2003. 'Duality'. La galerie du Salon Alterna-tif. 2002. La galerie Wilder & Davis.

2001. Group show. La galerie du Salon Alterna-tif.

1999. Group show. Le Festiv'Art de Frelighsburg. 1997. 'Terrains'. Le Cheval Blanc.


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